4th February 2012

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Matts Valentines box I made him . I decorated it with the day we were official , lil pockets with quotes from our online chats, I put famous quotes , I put a card tied with a pretty ribbon glued to the bottom of the box… I then took an envelope and glued it to a side wall and put in lil notes that stated why I loved him on each…the contents of the box were shirts ( matching ones :) he had mentioned a while back that he thought it was cute for couples to do ! .. ) I put those in the bottom tied with a happy valentines day ribbon , the shirt has our names on it a tree that is shaped like a guitar ( we both play ) and then the lyrics to  our song  on the bottom . The shirts are flipping amazing!! … then I made him carrot cake cookies ! I food saver’ed them so they are locked in , they will taste like the day I made them :) … I  had to make sure he received some cream cheese to smear on top so I had to buy some store made ( poooo on the store stuff but it was all  I could do !) I bought betty crocker whipped cream cheese . Then I put in a baggie of sweethearts , you know the hearts that have the sayings on them and then I made my own lil cute gift tag with a ribbon that had the quote ” .. cause one heart is not enough to carry all the love I have inside for you !” …. I also sent his babies a their valentines day cards from me , cause I have mad love for those kiddos too ! , I taped lollis for them on top ! …. I really think he is going to love this box , a lot , a lot of time and thought and most of all heart went into it . I really hate that I cant be with him this year but I hope this will show him just how much I am thinking of him and want him to know that I am his for eternity …. I cant wait to spend next year with him and our gang <3

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